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How To Get More Flooring Customers From My Website

It was the first year of running my flooring business. I was doing pretty good and making some decent money, but I wasn’t happy with where my business was at. I wanted more, so I decided to figure out what I needed to do to get more customers from my website without a ton of extra time.

To get more flooring customers from your website, it needs to look good. You can’t have a website that looks outdated, because that gives a bad impression of who you are to your potential customers. You need to have easy ways for customers to get in touch, have some solid pictures of your work, information on exactly what you do, and have reviews from previous customers.

A high quality website that will get you more customers has a few components.

1. Your Website Needs To Look Good.

Think about what kind of websites you trust. Do you trust crappy, old, outdated websites? Or would you rather get information from and do business with a company who has a website that makes them look like they do millions in business each year? My guess is, you’re going to choose the second option.

This applies to your flooring business. If your website was built 5 or 10 years ago, and really isn’t visually appealing, your customers will not trust you. I was talking to a buddy that was fed up with a question he kept on getting from potential customers. His customers kept asking him “how many guys do you have on your team?”. He didn’t know why his potential customers were asking him this, but he was tired of hearing it all the time.

I told him what I thought the problem was. They didn’t trust him. They didn’t take him seriously. They didn’t think he was a professional. And why should they? If his website looked like garbage and that was the only thing his customers had the opportunity of seeing, then why should they take him seriously?

So here’s what I told him to do. I told him to get a simple, good-looking website set up. One that would make his company look much bigger than it really was. I would be willing to bet that in a few months I’ll get a text from him saying how much of a difference that has made- and I bet he’ll be getting asked that question a whole lot less too.

2. Contact Methods.

This is surprisingly something that I see a lot of guys missing on their websites. For my flooring company, I have multiple ways that a customer can contact me directly from my website. One of the first ways of contacting you should be a phone number that is in the header of your website. This makes it very easy for a customer to call you. That’s our goal here, to make it simple for a potential customer to get in touch.

Website With Good Ways To Contact Them

Another thing that should be on your website is a contact form. This is a form that can be filled out by a potential customer that will send you an email when they submit it. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to communicate via text or email methods rather than talking on the phone.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to have some icons with links to your social media pages. Facebook and Instagram are the most important these days. Customers want to see your work, so if they can check it out on Facebook and Instagram, that is only going to help your business.

3. High Quality Pictures Of Your Work.

This is probably the most important thing to have on your website, besides making sure that your overall website looks good. Think about it. When a potential customer is searching for a floor in your particular area, what do they want to know? They want to know that the person they hire will do a good job for them.

Having high quality pictures of your work on your website will show potential customers that you’re a legitimate business, and also show them the quality of your work. If you do good work and the potential customers like what they see, then there’s a good chance they’ll hire you for the job. Makes sense right?

Keep in mind that these pictures need to be easily accessible. It’s a good idea to put a bunch of pictures in a “Gallery” page on your website. You can title that page “Previous work” or something similar. You should also have a few good quality pictures on the homepage of your website, so that visitors immediately have some sort of idea of the quality of work that you do.

Gallery Page On Flooring Website

4. Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews.

I think you get the picture. You need to get as many reviews as you can, and make sure there’s a section on your website that showcases them. I would include 3 or 4 of these great reviews somewhere on the homepage of your website, in addition to pictures of the people that the reviews are from (if possible).

The purpose of these reviews is to add trust. Potential customers will instantly trust your business more if they can read honest, real reviews from people that they know aren’t associated with your business. Here’s an example of the effectiveness of a good quality review: “Example Floor Company did a great job on my floor. They resurfaced my hardwood and had it completely finished in 3 days. They were able to do it for 10% cheaper than anyone else, did an awesome job, and even helped me move a couple pieces of furniture back into place when the job was done. DEFINITELY will be recommending them to some people I know.” After reading that review, how likely do you think a potential customer is to believe that “Example Floor Company” does a good job? Pretty likely! It’s reviews like this that will help potential customers become your paying clients.

5. Information On Exactly What You Do.

Immediately when a visitor goes to your site, they should be able to tell what it is that you’re offering. If a visitors can’t determine this in the first 5 seconds of visiting your website, they won’t stick around. On the website for my flooring business, it’s perfectly clear that I resurface hardwood floors within the first few seconds that you land on my homepage. Have some simple information and pictures about what you do on your homepage, so that visitors are clear about what your business is.

In addition to some information on your homepage, it’s a good idea to have a “What We Do” page. On this page, you should go a little more in depth about the process of your work. Customers want to know the process that their floor is going to undergo when I resurface it. They want to know how much dust there will be throughout the process, how durable the floor will be when finished, how long the process is going to take, etc.

You should provide as much information about the process of your work as you can without being boring. The last thing you want to do is bore your potential customers, so you need to find a good balance between “too little information” and “too much information.”

How I like to do this is with a simple numbered list of headers. For example, “Step 1: Move Furniture, Step 2: Inspect the floor for damage, staples, or nails, Step 3: Roughly Sand Floor, Fills Cracks…. Etc”. The idea is just to give your customers some information so they feel like they can trust what you’re going to be doing. Plus, it can often help eliminate some of the needless questions that we get asked on a daily basis.

If you follow these 5 tips for improving your website for your flooring company, I can almost guarantee you’ll get some business because of it. Optimizing my website has helped my business grow in leaps and bounds, and I hope that you’ll do whatever it takes to grow your business as well.

Article contributed by anonymous author, owner of a flooring company in the midwest.



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