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What Is The Best Way For A Flooring Contractor To Get Leads?

I just finished up a hardwood installation for the day, and I'm thinking to myself…. I’m getting as many leads as I want, so I should share what I know about this with others. So what is the best way for a flooring contractor to get leads?

The most effective ways to get flooring leads are to have a great website, run Google and Facebook ads, use yard signs and door hangers as well as and have a poppin Google Business Listing.

Have A Great Website

Web Design For Flooring Contractors

It used to be that contractors would be judged by their trucks. Those days are long passed now. Today there is a lot of first impressions you will make with your client long before you ever meet them. For many customers, the first impression of you will be from your website.

Let's talk about that first impression…

If I was a potential customer, and you rolled up to my job in a 1998 Ford Econoline all rusted out with peeling paint, do you think I would be dying to hire you to work on my nice home? Heck no. So lets translate this into website talk. If your website was a 1998 Ford Econoline van, it would probably be from about 2012. But it wouldn't just be old. It would clearly be a ghost town that no one cared about. I can guarantee you that it's boring and nothing is interactive at all. But you don’t me to tell you what a bad website looks like. (I hope) Let's talk about what it should be.

When I enter your website, I should instantly be captivated by the first thing I see. (On my website I have a slideshow of floors that scrolls through.) If it's boring, guess what? See ya. I’m bouncing right out of there. (Hence the term bounce rate) Once you get them to scroll down or click on to another page, you accomplished your first task.

The next step is trying to get them to call you or fill out a contact form. In order to make that happen, I have several different things set up on my website to gain their trust. First, I have a large gallery of my work. The customers see it and now they know I do good work. Next, I have snippets of my reviews off of Google. Again just to build trust. Third, I have a page about my company and a plethora of other resources that are not necessary for everyone, but I like to go over the top. When you set this up right, you will get a lot of website viewers to fill out contact forms or even better, call you.

My website is : if you want to check it out. It's not perfect, but it gets me business.

Google & Facebook Advertising

Arguably the best way to get leads for your company, (besides free ones) using both of these platforms to market your company is essential in the coming decade. Lets dive into Google first.

Google Ads Get You Paid

I think everyone knows that the first few results that pop up when you do a Google search are paid ads. You may even avoid them because they are paid. Many people do, but not all of the time. When they are looking to buy (intent to buy) something very specific though, they will often click on them. That very specific thing that they are looking for, can easily be your company. For me that's “Hardwood floor refinishing Berrien, Springs Michigan.” Those people see that I am exactly what they are looking for and the click on me. I am not going to give you a full ads crash course here, so let's move on to why Google Ads is so important.

So why is it important? Scalability. If you are getting work from your advertisements, you can do more of them. Put more money in, get more money in return. It helps to know the numbers of your business very well when it comes time to scaling up an ad campaign. Here is a short list of things you need to know before you scale your ad campaign.

Average cost per lead.

How many leads to get one job. (Conversion Rate)

Average profit made per job.

How far out can you book yourself before people no longer want to wait for you.

Google Ads can make you a whole lot of money if you figure out how to use them efficiently.

Facebook Advertising

Running ads on FB is almost as important as Google ads. Again this is not a “How to” but lets touch on what the benefits of running these ads could look like for you.

Facebook Ads Lets You Target Anybody

We briefly touched on “intent to buy” means in the previous section. With Google you had intent to buy, with FB you do not. Facebook will show your ad to anyone whether they searched for you or not. This is good but it's not as good as you think.

If I have “Intent to buy”, I am ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. If I do not, it will be a little more work to get me in the door. With FB we can find people who may not be searching for flooring contractors currently, but it's been on their minds. Often times you will show these potential leads to a series of ads. Here is a quick example.

First Ad: Picture of beautiful new hardwood with your company website link and logo.

Second Ad: Thinking about new hardwood? Check out our selections. Link to site with options and contact form.

Third Ad: Schedule your new hardwood estimate today. Contact From Fill out.

These ads allow you to place ideas in people's minds and connect with those who are interested but may not be actively looking.

Yard Signs & Door Hangers

Yeah its old school. This worked back in 1990 and it still works today. Every job you do, you should leave a yard sign in the front lawn. Make sure you have the customer's permission of course. There is a reason that every 4 years at election time the candidates yard signs fill people’s lawns. Because they work. Yes it will cost you a few bucks, but you can even pick them back up 3 weeks later to cut down on expenses.

If presidents use them, they probably work

Door hangers and other printed materials still work as well. Let's walk through a quick example. I personally install hardwood and any other plank like materials. I know where to go when I want to just pound the pavements and get some new business. And from most the towns I have been to, this is usually the same place. Go to the area in your city that was the ghetto like two weeks ago, but recently every white couple under 40 has been moving there. Gentrification is popular. Any place that has this trend going on, has a lot of potential work for you. An easy way to take advantage of this is with door hangers. Go put them on 500 doors. You don't even need to knock. I promise you will get some business and it will only cost you some time and 100$ to get them printed.

Google My Business Listing

People do 90% of their searches through Google and you need to be on board with this. I am talking about the map that pops up at the top of the screen when you search for something in a certain location. When I need some Taco Bell, I search, “Taco Bell near me,” or “Taco Bell Indianapolis.” I bet you do the same thing with all sorts of stuff your looking for. Lots of people in your area are searching, “Flooring installers near me,” or “tile companies near me.” You need to have Google My Business Listing if you hope to get these potential customers before they head over to your competition’s listing.

Its hard to be mad at the guy giving you donuts

Donut sale: I Sold 20k In One Morning Doing This

If you want high-end leads, this is a gold nugget for you. If you are running short on work, go over to the nicest donut shop in town and get 20 dozen of them. Now get your business cards, brochures or whatever you have that gives people a way to reach you. You need to be looking good. Put on a button up some nice jeans and some dress shoes. Head to every designer, architect and builder within in your city. Be friendly, be confident and give them a dozen donuts. It will work. It's very hard to mad at the guy who is bringing you donuts. You can also visit suppliers of the products you use. I visited tons of flooring stores and even offered commission to the sales people if they got me jobs.

If you were not sure what to do, you know now. Lets make some money!



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